• Hi mom. Hi dad. Miss you. Miss home. Miss food.

    Send your U of I campus student their favorite home food.

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    Delivery from Chicagoland to U of I Urbana-Champaign.

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    Homefoodtoday will hand deliver your home cooked meals and other food items to your children living on campus. 




  • "I wish you guys succeed! This is such a good thing you are doing."

    ~ Mrs. Jacobs


    "Thank you, you made my day with this service."

    ~ Ms. Kim


    "HFT is awesome, and I loved getting Polaroid pic of my mom and dad. Thank you."

    ~ Brooke from UIUC


    This is such a great idea. I admire innovators!"

    ~ M. Elitzer


    "Why didn't you guys do this when I was at U of I back then!"

    ~ an old U of I friend


    "My son can get our kosher food with HFT now. Thank you so much!"

    ~ Mrs. S Cohen


    "Great idea, you guys are in direct competition to our services"

    ~ Univ dining hall director


    "Finally, my kids can get Indian food frequently"

    ~ Mrs. Shah

  • How it works, you ask?

    You make their favorite food.


    Secure it in a spill-proof 12"x12"x9" cooler (picture above).


    Drop it off at one of our three Chicagoland locations.


    For just $10, we will zoom-zoom it right to your "little baby's" dorm and give them your love.


    Simple, no?

    What should I send?

    Well, do not send yourself for one

    and any unsealed liquid containers.


    Send their favorite cooked food, baked food, dry food.


    Send food from their favorite Chicagoland restaurant.

    How to pack it safe?

    Pack the cooler with ice or ice packs.


    Leak proof Tupperware can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, Target.


    Freezing the food the night before can preserve more freshness.


    We will provide extra ice packs and coolers on day of delivery for a fee.


    A tamper-proof label is affixed on the cooler on the day of delivery.



  • Need more convincing? Ok, you asked for it...

    Produced by our super-secret Einstein clone!!

    7 & $32

    avg hours and fuel cost roundtrip from Chicago to Chambana.


    Average cost per meal with homefoodtoday including cooking ingredients(budgetbytes.com).


    Average cost per meal at dining halls on college campuses. 


    Meals that can fit inside a normal 12X12X9 cooler with icepacks. 


    Next day shipping at UPS vs $10 same day at homefoodtoday.

    $39  + Shipping

    Cost of using fromhomewithlove.com


    calories per day extra when you eat out vs home. ~ John Hopkins study.

    15 lbs 

    avg freshman weight gain due lack of home cooked food.

    # 1

    Home cooked food

    Top things campus students miss.

    ~ Uloop study. 

    Avg spent on dinner on campus. Including cost per meal on meal plan.


    of undergraduates skip meal to save money ~ berkeley.edu.

     # 3

    Eating out

    Top 10 ways students waste money. ~ Fidelity.

  • See told you, it is awesome.

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  • Schedule and Locations

    Every Sunday our delivery trucks will pick-up at:

    Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL

    O'Hare, Chicago, IL

    Oakbrook Center, Oakbrook, IL


    The trucks will drop the food off at:

    Illini Union, Urbana, IL

    Illinois Residence Hall(ISR)

    Florida Avenue Residence Hall(LAR)

    Six Pack Residence Halls



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  • About us and some house rules. 

    I founded HFT.


    Home Food Today was an idea that came from personal experiences as U of I undergrad student. College was fun for the most part. But during stressful (academics, social, etc) moments, happy memories of home did the job. My parents lived in Chicago, mom did not drive much and dad worked most weekends. The weekends they were able to visit, first thing I looked for were the coolers with my favorite food. Sometimes especially during holidays when I would stay back on campus, memories of home brought up cravings and aroma of good ol' home cookin! 

    We created HFT as a bridge for parents and their college students to connect emotionally the fond memories of family and home comfort. 


    No, I found it. 


    Um, what he said, except my parents didn't work on weekends but I also did not want them to come down visit me all the time. I wanted my independant college life. But I never complained when the cooler full of food was with them. 

    No, it was me.  


    yup. I think these two are reading my thoughts.


    But we put the idea at test and have received very positive feedback from all of the parents. So here we are.  Our goal is to put up HFT service in 10 major college campuses by end of 2016. 

    Terms and Conditions

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